My Invisalign Journey: Week 1

I finally did it-I got Invisalign!! After going through not one, but TWO rounds of braces as a teenager (yes, my teeth were that messed up!), one permanent retainer POPPING OFF and multiple lost/damaged retainers along the way, I am giving myself the gift of a perfectly straight set of chompers!

My two reasons for doing this were

1) I knew that it would boost my self-esteem about my smile that I already loved; and

2) If I did not do it then my teeth would continue to shift and eventually get worn down in certain spots-no bueno!

In the video posted below I review my first week and what I’ve learned about Invisalign thus far-check it out! If you are considering Invisalign I highly recommend it-especially since there are lots of places who give great specials including Groupons that make them more affordable than certain types of regular braces, or at least equally as affordable.

Personally, I am very grateful that I have dental insurance through my company that covers up to $1500 of the cost.  Not only that, my dentist extended an offer to me of knocking $1000 off with a kickback that he gets from Invisalign (if a dentist starts so many patients on it within a month, the company will give them a “coupon” of $500, $1000 or other amount).  With these discounts factored in this will *only* cost me around $3200 out of pocket, which, if you ask me is well worth having a life of straight, healthy, easy to clean teeth that I will be able to enjoy and use for decades to come.  I’ve also come to the realization that if something makes me feel great and boosts my positive energy AND it has health benefits then it is a win-win for sure!


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