Super Simple Raw Pitaya “Bowls”

Today I stumbled across  a comment by someone who found it challenging to find a place that makes a really good pitaya bowl.  This inspired me to run home on my lunch break and make use of some special fruits that have been camping out in my fridge.

For those who are new to the term pitaya (like I was when I moved to California) it is one of the more common names for dragon fruit.  Dragon fruit is an amazing specimen.  First of all, it grows from a cactus of all things! Second, it is one of the coolest-looking fruits out there-it really resembles what I imagine a dragon’s egg might look like.  Third, it comes in different, beautiful colors and is packed with vitamin-rich, hydrating nourishment.  It’s even said to be potentially preventative of cancer.  (You can check out a scholarly article written by Brazilian researchers on the subject here!)

One interesting thing about dragon fruit is that you never know what color you’re going to get until you open it up-at least I don’t know if there is a trick, I just enjoy the surprise every time.  🙂 Typically they come in white, red, magenta or yellow.  Last month I opened my first magenta-I mean, magenTA! Unfortunately I did not take a picture of it-next time!

This time I opened one that I got at an Asian market (hands down best place to find dragon fruit + best price) and the most common color greeted me.

My idea to make the bowl started with 3 simple ingredients: the dragon fruit, a kiwi and some shredded coconut.  It might be fun to add another color like red with some nice strawberries or raspberries, or some banana slices to make it more tropical.  Today, however, I am hoarding my bananas to make some of the best banana bread I’ve ever made so I’m sticking with these 3 selections.  🙂 I also made the decision to not process the pitaya at all, which is what I mean by “raw.” This is the healthy option that I prefer, as most commercially-made pitaya bowls are mixed with sweeteners like orange juice or apple juice during the blending process.  Personally, I don’t think those bowls do the fruit justice as the delicate dragon fruit flavor is easily overpowered by added fruit juices.

Here’s what I did and how it turned out so that you can enjoy some amazing refreshing deliciousness in a great pitaya bowl anytime in the comfort of your own home (and for about 1/4 of the price!)

Raw Unprocessed Pitaya “Bowl” (Serves 2 with leftovers!)


  • Medium-sized dragon fruit
  • 1 kiwi
  • 1/2-1 tsp of coconut flakes (toasted, if desired)


  1. Rinse produce and place on cutting board
  2. Cut each fruit in half
  3. Scoop out the fruit by running a spoon between where the skin and the fruit meet
  4. Cut off bottoms of the dragon fruit shell so that each half can sit upright like a bowl (this may be easier to do before cutting the fruit/scooping it out)
  5. Place second half of dragon fruit in an airtight container to enjoy later
  6. Dice the kiwi and dragon fruit and arrange in “bowls”
  7. Sprinkle with coconut and enjoy!

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