Love Our Oceans

I just watched an episode of Blue Planet II and it was utterly incredible! The amazing colors and close up footage of the creatures that inhabit the deep were a wonder to behold.


I did have to run upstairs to have a cry after a heartbreaking story was shared about a pilot whale calf that died due to plastic/toxins in the water.  Approximately 10 million tons-not pounds, TONS-of plastic waste are dumped into our planet’s oceans every year. That’s like driving 20 million Ford F-150s into the sea except, instead of driving around lifting heavy loads they clog up the ocean’s surface.


Sea life-like sea turtles and birds-get entangled in the waste and drown.  Like the calf in the show I watched, babies of mammals like whales and dolphins can be poisoned just from drinking their mothers’ milk.

I am not writing about this to be a “Debby downer.” I’m sharing this information in the hopes that by having healthy, open conversations about what is happening to our planet-our home-we can make a shift in our mindset and create new, better habits to reduce the amount of waste we produce and throw away and increase our reuse and recycling of such products.

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Not only will this have amazing benefits to the incredible creatures of the oceans, it will ensure that we will be able to eat the bounty that we pull from the waters every year.  Foods like sushi, fish, scallops and muscles could be rendered inedible if poisons continue to accumulate in them. Already there are advisories against eating too much of certain kinds of fish due to mercury build up.  In case you are wondering what happens if a human ingests mercury on an ongoing basis, it can cause fun side effects such as:

-nervousness or anxiety

-irritability or mood changes


-memory problems


-physical tremors

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Fun stuff! No?

The good news is-it’s never too late to make a change.  Today-right now! We cannot wait until tomorrow to take better care of ourselves and the planet.


Want even better news?


It’s super easy!


One of the biggest things we can do is use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic ones at the grocery store.  There are more than one TRILLION of these puppies used every year from shopping!! Imagine if, instead of choosing plastic bags, every individual used a reusable bag to carry their groceries-wouldn’t that be incredible??


Other things that we can do that are very simple include recycling.  Don’t live in an area that recycles? Look for ways to recycle by using the internet as a resource.


We can also reuse our products: a glass salsa jar is perfect for storing leftovers after it has been cleaned.  A plastic egg carton can be an excellent seed sprouting container. And let’s remember to always cut up our aluminum can and bottle holders (think six pack rings) before recycling them so that in case, God forbid, they wind up somewhere in nature they will not get lodged around a living being, plant or animal.


It’s so good to love this planet that is our home! I believe that the better care we take care of ourselves and our planet, the better life will be for all!


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