Birthday Wishes to the World

Today is my birthday!!

I am so excited and grateful to be alive on this beautiful planet and to be blessed with all the people, experiences and lessons that I have come to know.

My birthday wish today is to make a profound impact on people all over the world in some way and, somehow, to make their lives better.

This year I am already obsessed with improving myself and the way I live and interact with the world around me. I am creating a job that I am obsessed at being the best at and I am on a trajectory that I know is going to be amazing. And I am finally enjoying the journey of every day, the subtleties and nuances of hours minutes and moments. I feel like life is no longer a future event that I am always struggling and leaning forward to reach. Life is what I’m doing. Life is what I am.

I don’ know how things seemed to magically have clicked in my brain, but I’m ok with not knowing. I’m content to exist in a grateful state of awe and I accept this gift with an open heart and an open mind.

This is what I wish for everyone on this planet including you, dear reader: to feel a connection with life and with the people and environment around you; to be fully alive and enjoy the fleeting present moments and use your past lessons to successfully navigate through challenges towards a beautiful future of your dreams that you design and pursue every day. To live with purpose, hope, and faith in yourself, your Creator, and the good in all of us. And above all, that you give yourself permission to experience love to its fullest, in how you treat yourself, our home planet Earth, and all living things. We are all connected, from our first birthday to our last and beyond.

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