Enjoy Holiday Feasting with “Crowding Out”

How do we enjoy the holidays without overeating and gaining weight?​ If you’ve worked in healthcare as long as I have, you come to see first-hand the dangers of consuming sugary food products for too long.​  Diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, the list goes on… Sugar is not a friend of our bodies.  So what does it have to do with […]

Refreshing Blackberry Mint Spritzer with Coconut Rum

So I know that alcohol isn’t necessarily the healthiest item in the kitchen…but I did have a package of blackberries that I needed to put to good use so here we go! Ingredients: 1 bunch fresh mint 1/2 cup fresh blackberries Coconut rum Mineral water Ice   Ingredients to make the Blackberry Syrup: 1 cup […]