In lieu of the week’s presidential election results, I would like to offer a sentiment which I have been working diligently all week to cultivate: Hope.

I am hopeful for the people of my country and the world in which I live.  I am hopeful that beautiful, peaceful ideas of acceptance of each others’ differences and forgiveness of shortcomings will take root and blossom into a positive future.  A future in which we respect the earth and the plants and animals that live and die to create an optimal living environment for all, including us humans.  In which we come together locally to peacefully discuss changes that we want to see in our own communities.  In which we empower ourselves and each other to become informed about issues that affect our fellow people and take a stand to protect and help those in need who do not have a voice.

I was raised knowing that “Love hopes all things.” So let us love one another-everyone-and let us have hope.  But hope is not merely a feeling or a wish; hope involves expectation, anticipation.  What we expect and anticipate can only be brought about by creating goals, planning and designing a way by which to arrive at those goals.  As with most things in life, this is best-and at times only-achieved collectively.  So I am anticipating great conversations, the sharing of information and the openness of minds that accept other points of view and work to peacefully find common ground.

I’d like to start that right here and now.  Please share any thoughts about what positive changes you would like to see in your community, country, world, right here.  Let’s discuss with open hearts and open minds in hopes of finding common ground upon which to create and travel the path of our lives together.

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