My Updated IUD Experience

Two Mondays ago I received the copper IUD and, while I stand by just about everything I wrote in my initial post, I do want to share some crucial lessons I have learned.

Lesson number 1:

The period does last a little longer than normal: Prepare!

As I mentioned, my periods are regular, short and virtually non-problematic thanks to a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine.  This time I did experience an additional 3 days of bleeding.  Instead of lasting 4 days it lasted about 7.  I made sure to carry extra mini-liners in addition to using my Athena cup almost every day of my period instead of only 1 or 2 days.

Lesson number 2:

There is more discomfort: Pamper!

I almost never have cramps and when I do I would rate them around a 1 on a 0-10 pain scale.  This time I did experience cramps that I would rate a good 3-4 out of 10.  There was really only one day of cramping and I only had about 4 actual cramps that day, and a couple more randoms during the week.  Being the self-loving nurturer of my sacred femininity that I am, I went out and got some wonderful epsom salt with lavender oil and had several hot, relaxing candlelit baths to pamper myself during the week.  I highly recommend doing this whenever you’re dealing with cramps, sore muscles in general or just having a bad day-it’s amazing how wonderful it can make you feel, especially while listening to your favorite relaxing music.  🙂

Lesson number 3:

The bleeding is heavier: Iron up!

My biggest lesson from my IUD experience is that anemia is real!! Thus, I’ve learned that I need to ramp up my intake of iron, vitamin C (for adequate absorption of iron) and vitamin B12, which will help prevent the ever-so-lovely draining sensation of being anemic.  

See what had happened was…by the 3rd day I was really getting my flow on and I was at the point where I was feeling a little tired but not really weak or drained.  That was a Tuesday, which is one of my work out days.  So away I went and I got into my iron pumping until I started to feel a little tired.  I gave myself a little rest and then went for one more set-that was all it took to push me into the hole that is an anemic state.  I almost passed out on the gym equipment.  I took a few minutes, got up and walked the five feet to the couch in the lounge area and that was all the energy I had.  I couldn’t even get up and walk the 20 yards to where my boyfriend was working out to tell him that I didn’t feel well and needed to go home, I had to text him! Luckily, he is a very good boyfriend and helped me to the car and drove me home where he cooked me a delicious meal of ground beef and avocado tacos (Tuesday=Taco Tuesday in our household), of which I ate about a pound.  No joke; I seriously ate 3/4 of a pound of ground beef in one sitting.  Not bad for a pseudo-vegetarian! 

The next day I made a shake to help boost my iron stores (recipe to come!) and then I cooked up the other pound of ground beef that I had bought and devoured nearly all of it in one sitting with a fried egg on top.  Side note: it’s amazing how much wisdom and intuition our bodies have as on Tuesday afternoon I bought two pounds of red meat when I rarely buy animal protein at all.  Our bodies know what we need before we even realize it sometimes-how amazing is that?!

Thankfully, I am currently feeling back to my normal self, but it took about 4 days to nourish my body back to homeostasis.  No worries though, because this time next month, I will be ready! 🙂

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